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Recent works that we’ve been doing since last few months.

Good Practices in building innovative rural institutions,IFAD and FAO, 2012

This good practice publication suggests that effective and sustainable producer organizations and institutional arrangements with market actors and policy-makers are the result of three interdependent types of relationships that small producers develop:
-Bonding or intragroup relationships among small producers within organizations.
-Bridging or intergroup relations between small-producer organizations to create apex organizations.
-Linking or extra-group relations between small-producer organizations and market actors and policy-makers.

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Report of the side event: GFRAS and FAO on Role of Producer Organisations in RAS

GFRAS and FAO jointly organised a side event on the role of producer organisations in rural advisory services at the 5th Global meeting of the Farmers Forum during February 2014  

The report of this meeting is available at.

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MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN: What can governments do to strengthen forest producer organizations? FAO, 2014

Self-organization into forest producer organizations (FPOs) is emerging as an important means by which small and marginalized forest producers can improve their access to, and use of, investments, technology, inputs and markets. This paper explores the scope, strategies and impacts of public measures that could be deployed to improve the institutional enabling environment for FPOs.

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Krishi Sutra- Success Stories of FARMER PRODUCER ORGANISATIONS Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC), 2014

This compilation has brief case studies of successful examples of collective action by farmers in India. Those interested in organising producer organisations (POs) would find this collection very useful. Some of these cases are worth examining in detail and could be of interest to those who are interested to undertake research on POs. 

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Producer Organisations and Extension: A Case of Dairy Cooperatives in India

During 18 August to 30 September 2014, AESA in association with the Indian Veterinary Research Institute and the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) organised an e-discussion on “Role of Producer Organisations in Strengthening Extension and Advisory Services in the Dairy/Livestock Sector in India”. This discussion was followed by several rounds of face-to-face discussions with the officials and member producers of dairy producer cooperatives in four states of India. The findings and recommendations from these consultations are compiled and published in this document. 

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Agricultural Cooperatives The July Issue of F@RMLETTER

The e-magazine of the World Farmers Organisation (WFO) is on Agricultural Co-operatives and it has several interesting articles on this theme

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