Recent works that we’ve been doing since last few months.

The Relevance of Content in ICT Initiatives in Indian Agriculture

Glendenning, C.J and Ficarelli, P.P., (2012)

This paper examines the content development and management processes occurring in six well-known ICT projects in Indian agriculture.

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Innovation and Research by Private Agribusiness in India.

Pray, C.E and Nagarajan, L., (2012)
This paper focuses on private sector research and innovation. It measures private research and innovation in India where agribusiness is making major investments in research and producing innovations that are extremely important to farmers.

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Extension-Plus: New Roles for Extension and Advisory Services

Sulaiman, R.V., (2012)
This paper illustrates “extension-plus” approach that strengthens the capacity of extension and advisory services to play much wider role.

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Working Group on Agricultural Extension

Report of the Working Group on Agricultural Extension for Agriculture and Allied Sectors for the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-17), Government of India is currently available online.

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Issues in Indian Agricultural Extension

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Where can we publish extension research?-A Note

The following questions bother many who are keen to publish their research on extension.

  • Can we publish our papers only in journals having “extension” in their title?
  • Which are the other journals where we could publish findings of extension research?
  • Why many other social science journals that publish articles related to extension not being considered for career advancement purpose by organizations like ICAR and SAUs (in India)?
  • As professionals, should we do something to include many more professionally ratedhigh impact social science journals in indices which are used for judging professional achievement?
  • But are we sufficiently aware of the wide range of available journals where we could publish our work? 

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ICTs and Empowerment of Indian Rural Women: What can we learn from on-going initiatives?

Sulaiman, V.R., Kalaivani, N.J., Mittal, N and Ramasundaram, P., (2011)
This paper explores the role of ICTs in empowering Indian rural women, through a review of ICT initiatives in India. The paper concludes that that while most of the ICT initiatives are disseminating new information and knowledge useful for rural women, many are not able to make use of it, due to lack of access to complementary sources of support and services.

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Review of Agricultural Extension in India.

Marco, F and Zhou, Y., (2011).
This paper reviews the evolution of agricultural extension in India and discusses the institutional reforms such as ATMA and the growing number of private and informal providers of extension in the country.

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Evaluation of Value-Added Agricultural Advisory Services: Case Study of Agriclinics in Southern India.

Glendenning, C.J., Babu, S.C and Okyere, K.A., (2011).
This paper evaluates farmers’ usage of the program agriclinics and agribusiness centers and explores the extent to which certain extension services can or should be privatized in India.

Review of Agricultural Extension in India: Are Farmers’ Information Needs Being Met?

Glendenning, C.J., Babu, S and Okyere, K.A., (2010)
This paper aims to ascertain why farmers are not accessing information and where information gaps exist, despite the variety of extension approaches in India.