Recent works that we’ve been doing since last few months.

Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY): Operational Guidelines for XII Five Year Plan, 2014

Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India

To spur growth in the agriculture and allied sectors, NDC in its meeting held on 29th May, 2007 observed that a Special Additional Central Assistance scheme be introduced to incentivize States to draw up comprehensive agriculture development plans, taking into account agro-climatic conditions, natural resources and technology for ensuring more inclusive and integrated development for agriculture and allied sectors.

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Guidelines NMAET-National Mission on Agricultural Extension & Technology, India

As a part of National Mission on Agricultural Extension & Technology (NMAET), guidelines for various components of Sub-Mission on Agriculture Extension have been issued. The following link provides guidelines on Guidelines for the Centrally Sponsored Scheme “National Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technology (2014) to be implemented during the XII Plan.
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The Youth Guide to Forests SIDA, 2014

This fact-filled Guide explores forests from the equator to the frozen poles, the depths of the rainforest to the mountain forests at high altitudes. It also demonstrates the many benefits that forests provide us with, discusses the negative impacts that humans unfortunately have on forests and explains how good management can help protect and conserve forests and forest biodiversity. At the end of the Guide, inspiring examples of youth-led initiatives are provided, and an easy-to-follow action plan aims to help YOU develop your own forest conservation activities and projects.

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E-learning methodologies: A guide for designing and developing e-learning courses

The purpose of this guide is to provide detailed guidance on designing and developing an e-learning course for trainers and instructional designers who are new to e-learning design. It also provides basic concepts and information on the processes and resources involved in e-learning development, which might be of interest to capacity-development managers


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Governing land for women and men: A technical guide to support the achievement of responsible gender-equitable governance of land tenure

This technical guide focuses on equity and on how land tenure can be governed in ways that address the different needs and priorities of women and men.

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Qualitative Data Analysis: A user friendly guide for social scientists

The book provides a practical and unpretentious discussion of the main procedures for analysing qualitative data by computer, with most of its examples taken from humour or everyday life.

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The Discovery of Grounded Theory: Strategies for Qualitative Research

This book is intended to underscore the basic sociological activity that only sociologists can do: generating sociological theory. Most writing on sociological method has been concerned with how accurate facts can be obtained and how theory can thereby be more rigorously tested, this book address the equally Important enterprise of how the discovery of theory from data―systematically obtained and analyzed in social research―can be furthered.

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Participatory Research Methods for Technology Evaluation: A Manual for Scientists Working with Farmers

This manual on farmer participatory research is a practical, instructive guides that are based on direct experience in field research. The methods presented here have been tested and revised in rural communities over the course of many years, and they lend themselves to fieldwork in a wide range of settings.

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