Concepts and Practices

Recent works that we’ve been doing since last few months.

Rural Extension

Vol 1. Basic Issues and Concepts (2009)
Vol 2. Examples and Background Material (2009)
Vol 3. Training Concepts and Tools (2011)

Volker Hoffman, A Christinck, M. Lemma, M Gerster-Bentayana,University of Hohenheim and Margraf Publishers
This publication would be of special interest to all those involved in the teaching, training, research and management of extension and advisory services.

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Guide to Evaluating Rural Extension

GFRAS Publication (2012)

This Guide has been developed by the GFRAS to support those involved in extension evaluation to choose how to conduct more comprehensive, rigorous, credible and useful evaluations.

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Agricultural Extension: Worldwide Innovations

Saravanan, R ., (2008), (Ed.) New India Publishing Agency (NIPA), New Delhi.

This book is an attempt to document the past experiences and recent developments in the agriculture knowledge information systems. The compilation of 14 country chapters such as; Afghanistan, Benin, Cote d’Iviore, Ghana, India, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Mozambique, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Trinidad & Tobago and Zimbabwe is intended to document the experience of extension systems.

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Concepts and practices in agricultural extension in developing countries: A source book

Anandajayasekeram Ponniah, Ranjitha Puskur, Sindu Workneh and Dirk Hoekstra (2008) International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)This source  book, a joint effort of ILRI and IFPRI/ISNAR, compiles available and recent literature on developments in the agricultural extension approaches and practice, mainly focusing on developing countries.

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Agricultural Extension-Second Edition

A W Van den Ban and Hawkins Blackwell Publishers, 1996

This publication is considered as a thorough, practical handbook that explains the purpose, importance, and far-reaching effects of agricultural extension throughout the world. The information presented tells how to establish, communicate, and implement effective agricultural extension programs that address specific needs and long-term goals in any location. 

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Changing Roles of Agricultural Extension in Asian Nations

A W Van den Ban, R K Samanta B.R. Publishing Corporation, Delhi(India)-2006

This book discusses experiences from implementation of new extension policies, reforms in extension such as privatisation, pro-poor extension and application of ICTs in Asian countries. Learning from these experiences can potentially help readers to adjust their Agricultural Extension systems and approach to the changing situation in which they work by learning from experience in different Asian countries. 

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Mobilizing the potential of rural and agricultural extension

IIan Christoplos FAO (2010) 

This paper presents an overview of current opportunities and challenges facing efforts to increase the impact of rural and agricultural extension. It articulate the position of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) on where agricultural extension stands today and where it needs to go in the future. The findings presented here are intended to better situate extension in consideration of the future of agricultural research for development.

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Agricultural extension: A time for change: Linking knowledge to policy and action for food and livelihoods

Revitalising extension and advisory services was the focus of the International Conference on Innovations in Extension and Advisory Service s held in Nairobi in November 2011. 450 delegates from 85 countries participated in this event.This publication provides a synthesis of the discussion from that event. 

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Reshaping Rural Extension

Learning for Sustainability (LforS): An integrative and Learning Based Advisory Approach for Rural Extension with Small-Scale Farmers

Ernst Gabathuler, Felicitas Bachmann, and Andreas Kläy,(2011)

This book presents Learning for Sustainability (LforS) as an integrative, learning-oriented approach to rural extension. The approach encompasses stakeholder dialogues, knowledge management, and organisational development. The book is directed towards governmental and non-governmental organisations, development agencies, and extension staff working in the field of rural development. 

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Shaping change

Natural Resource Management, Agriculture and the Role of Extension Edited by Drs Jess Jennings,Roger Packham and Dedee Woodside

Shaping Change presents the current state of play of Extension and its role in Natural Resource Management and the commercial agriculture industry for the Australasia-Pacific region.It is a prime text for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and an essential reference manual for new and experienced Extension professionals alike, be they engaged exclusively in environmental conservation, agricultural productivity, or more commonly both.

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