Recent works that we’ve been doing since last few months.


Bhakta Shangshon(Asst. Professor, CNR, Royal University of Bhutan)

Rinzin Wangchuk(District Agriculture Officer, ParoDistrict Administration)

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Agriculture Extension Services in Bhutan: Present status and suggested reforms.

Toyanath Acharya (2011).
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Smallholder Dairy Farmers’ Group Development in Bhutan: Strengthening Rural Communities through Group Mobilization

ThubtenSonam, Niwat Martwanna, 2012
This paper analyses the mobilization processes of smallholder dairy farmer groups and discusses its relevance to the process of community development in an integrated crop livestock forestry farming system in Bhutan. It also assesses the new competencies in managing the different stages of group formation and development processes with professional support backed by new knowledge and skills.
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Perceived Professional Competency Level and Job Performance of Block-level Extension Agents in Bhutan

Samdrup Rigyal, Chaicharn Wongsamun, 2011
This paper is on the perceptions of the extension agents in Bhutan on the professional competencies and what they considered important and possessed. The paper reveals that extension agents have lower confidence on the technical knowledge they possessed in the respective subject areas than their junior counterparts. 

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An Economic impact Assessment of the Rice Research Program in Bhutan

Samjhana shrestha, Dophu Dukpa, Tanka Pulami, Kencho Wangdi, Wangda Drukpa and Phub Dem 2004
This study is about the economic impact and assessments of research and technology development conducted for the period 1983 to 2000. The institutional impact on capacity building for agricultural research is also briefly evaluated in the paper. The economic impact assessment is based mainly on a farm survey conducted in seven main rice-producing districts. The study results show that the rice research and technology development program has been successful in increasing rice production and farm income, and in improving food security.

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Promoting Organic farming in Bhutan: A review of policy, implementation and constraints

Sangay Duba, Mahesh Ghimiray and, Tayan Raj Gurung. 2008
This paper is about the policy for organic farming in Bhutan formulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Bhutan. With this policy Bhutan aims to make organic agriculture a way of life of a Bhutanese farmer and thereby to enhance their incomes. This paper reviews this policy and its impact and analyses existing processes and co-ordination mechanisms. It also talks about the potentials and constraints of this policy and provides recommendations to overcome them.

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In-service Training: Key to Enhancing Competence and Building Confidence for Job Performance of Gewog-level Extension Agents in Bhutan

Author: Dr Samdrup Rigyal 2012
This study measures the confidence levels of the extension agents under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. The technical knowledge competency stood out as the most important training need. The differences in the competency levels could be attributed to the lack of consistent in-service training programme. The implementation of in-service training should be systematized and regularized so that technical knowledge and skills of senior extension agents in the field are consistently upgraded and their confidence levels on technical competencies further enhanced.

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Civil Society Briefs:

Asian Development Bank, May 2013
This brief from ADB discusses the important role civil society organizations play in Bhutan.

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